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Movies, TV Series & Miniseries

Movies, TV Series & Miniseries

Postby Esky » Wed Aug 17, 2016 10:07 am

Images for the movie 11.22.63 were reported as being a TV Series and not a Movie, so I asked the uploader to re-upload them to the TV page (as we're unable to move images from Movie --> TV Series & vice versa).

This was done and then I removed the images from the TV page. I also logged a report with TMDB and got the following repsonse:

It's a miniseries so it's allowed in both sections:

TV Content Within the Movie Section

Now that we have a full TV section there is still some cases where TV content can exist as part of the Movie section. These exceptions are:

• Miniseries
• TV movies
• Pay-per-view sporting events (Eg. UFC, Pride Fighting, WWE)
• MTV Unplugged

TMDB Report

I've PM'ed woojoodo to let him/her know they can re-upload thier images to the movie page again if they want.

So .. just be aware going forward, that TV Miniseries may have a valid Movie Page as well!



P.S. some additional reading if you're interested: What is the difference between a miniseries, limited series and event series?
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Re: Movies, TV Series & Miniseries

Postby megamaxx » Tue Aug 23, 2016 6:13 am

Thanks for the post. I know I have a few posters in the movie section that were released as a TV miniseries, such as The Stand and Salem's Lot. :)
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