One album, two different titles

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One album, two different titles

Post by Taravilyaion »

Coaster (released on vinyl as Frisbee) is the eleventh studio album by the American punk rock band NOFX.
Ref: ... 3c808dfeb0

The "Coaster" album is already in the database, but I want to add the "Frisbee" album cover.
How do I do that? I can't use it's individual MBID to add the album to add it to the upload list.
If I upload it as "Coaster" it will have the wrong name.
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Re: One album, two different titles

Post by ZincRider »

The albums names n the database correspont to music brainz release groups, not individual releases. The entry for "Coaster" will be correct for "Frisbee", as the Coaster release group on Musibrainz contains both releases.

I usually add a comment about using the correct release group despite the title on the cover, just to make things easier for the moderators.
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