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This is exactly what AAE does. If they are so concerned about other people's donated scans though their own work the[n] perhaps he should not make his site public much less call it an "exchange." Scott blocked my IP ages ago and I had asked him to remove my work; he has no creative commons control. He claims my work is his although at the time there [was] nothing of this ever mentioned in terms of agreement. Now he is harassing me here for scans I never posted on his site. I had made sure of that. All of the image I posted here are scanner software time stamped. I want nothing to do with him and or his drama.
Not that it should have been a total surprise since the threads on this particular forum are open as opposed to being closed. But I was taken aback that I saw further comments over 2 years later and from an individual who ironically enough I happen to be checking out their 1000+ images over on Album Art Exchange roughly two weeks ago. More on that towards the end because I came here to deal with the following.

Before I say anything of substance i need to make a confession. I never cared for their Terms Of Use when I joined up in the early part of 2014 (I finally started to submit images towards the latter end of that year). To be brutally honest I thought they were a joke and the basic reason is that a good deal of uploaded images are the result of "blood, sweat, and tears" and almost a virtual crime not to utilize them elsewhere (e.g., a blog, a social media platform, etc.) By the same token I took to heart those rules and acted accordingly by sheer will power in the short time that I was on that site. Stopping short of saying I had an epiphany but while reading some of the posts by "Artwork Lover" within the thread, Stealing images from Fanart to put up on 'AAX', started up by me on January 23, 2017 and especially those from the thread Accused of stealing 2400 images from Album Art Exchange by "edjgraphix" much later on in the same year, I had started to comprehend more than I ever did before the inner logic and coherence of their terms of usage. I say that as one who was banned from there in early 2015 over some nonsense that involved one of their moderators (water under the bridge) and for the most part was rooting for those contributors on Fanart to knock Scott on his ass with a good K.O. Alas, as I started to read the posts and the weak arguments starting coming in one by one, only a fool would think "edjgraphix', "ZincRider", "Kode", and a handful of others all had aces up their sleeves. In brief, Scott had a formidable set of arguments and dare I say wiped the damn floor with "edjgraphix". I vaguely recall not wanting to read any further let alone chime in with one or two of my own posts because it was just painful to read the near-total demolition. I actualy felt embarrassed for "edjgraphix" because I thought he was a good guy despite knowing deep down inside he not only got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so to speak, but got his head handed to him on a platter! For the record I don't say the latter because I am back on Album Art Exchange as of a few weeks ago (surprise surprise!) and trying to score some brown...errr, whitey points with Scott. If I didn't do so with one of his moderators all those years ago, one can bet their bottom dollar I am not going to start doing so now no matter who it happens to be. Which leads me to this final point.

No use repeating one by one the line of reasoning Scott used in several of his posts within both threads (mainly the second one) other than to say a few things on the matter. 1) Whoever doesn't like the Terms Of Use by Album Art Exchange need to go elsewhere, 2) if one truly comprehends, whether partially or fully, the brazen and loathsome attitudes of many here on Fanart one can forgive the way Scott has acted at times on behalf of that site's property, and 3) I am some run-of-the-mill Joe Schmoe on Album Art Exchange and even here on Fanart -- but not before I yanked 600+ images awhile back while leaving up a few for the sake of posterity -- and yet find almost unbelievable the utter SHIT that these clowns masquerading as Fanart administrators and moderators have allowed right on up to the current year! I will leave it there and simply say that all will be revealed in one final last hurrah in an upcoming thread most probably this Thursday. I was going to hammer it out today but changed my mind because it's Christmas Eve and tomorrow Christmas Day. (To any Jews, Neopagans, non-Christians, and any others looking on from the sidelines. If you thought I was going to say "Happy Hanukkah" or "Happy Yuletide" or even "Happy Kwanzaa" for the sake of being a good sport and diverse in my thinking. You are plain out of luck and need to go elsewhere. Sorry not sorry!

Last but definitely not least. Marla, I just want to say quickly I enjoyed a good number of your album covers in light of what I saw a few weeks ago. I left a few comments in two or three submissions from the band CABARET VOLTAIRE and can only say "Thank You!" from the bottom of my heart for uploading much-needed high quality images from several of their albums. (Their mid-80's output during their VIRGIN RECORDS era are my favorite. If I had not turned my back on my New Wave roots during the late 70's and early 80's -- luckily I had picked up where I left off in late 1987 with the help of two friends who lent me their albums from the likes of NEW MODEL ARMY, THE CHURCH, KILLING JOKE, and scores of others -- I most probably would have seen them during their second or third U.S. tour in 1985. The same goes for numerous other "alternative" bands. But at least I was at the right place and at the right time because I got to see a SMATTERING of punk & HR/HM bands during the era that most people still consider the best in terms of music.) I think there were one or two other bands I might have left a positive comment or two but I am drawing a blank now.
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