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Problems With Album Art Exchange

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Problems With Album Art Exchange

Postby Marla » Fri May 03, 2019 10:46 pm

Has anyone here had problems with the moderator "Scott" who runs the site? I used to post on his site and had no problems until one day he claimed to have sent me an email and then banned me permanently for not responding it. When I has asked what his problem was he came across combative, emotional, and abusive. His claims was that I has posted too much on his site (suddenly why this was a problem with him I'm not sure) so I had asked him to remove all of my images (again, if they were such a problem) and he refused to do so.

"Do you mean sort of like refusing to accept responsibility for your own actions and overreacting and becoming reactionary when someone temporarily bans you in order to get your damned attention? Personally and based upon my experience, I think that you ignored the message because you knew I was going to ask about your massive file usage."

This is news to me. I had no ideas what his PM was about nor did I care. When I had told him it went into my spam filter he became really angry with me refusing to accept that might be the case. Seems rather ironic that if this was a problem with him he would delete my images.

"It’s your responsibility to hold up your end of the communications. Your claim that you thought it was Spam is simply ridiculous and it couldn’t be more obvious that this is an excuse. That’s probably why you ignored my mention of this in your last reply. There is simply no way you could have accidentally missed THREE emails and the messages saying you you were TEMPORARILY banned when you attempted to log in during those two temp, ban."

The log on there is automatic. As far as his last message is when he became combative. And there is nothing in terms of service that I have to hold up any communications with anyone

All submissions become property of AlbumArtExchange but we can talk about it once you send me proof that you’ve deleted the 9600 images you’ve taken from the site. Meanwhile, we’ve deleted others to accommodate superior images when you’ve uploaded them and I’m not putting holes in our collection."

His collection? So did he work on my images?

Strange, I also supported that site and this is how he treats his patrons. From what I can gather, this seems to be a trend at Album Art Exchange in they not only block IP addresses from users they have (imaginary) problems with but countries as well.
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Re: Problems With Album Art Exchange

Postby jeremyv » Tue May 21, 2019 8:38 am

This seems to be a trend...
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