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Showcase Thread

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Showcase Thread

Postby akovia » Thu Dec 19, 2013 1:27 am

I wanted to start a thread where people can showcase art they've created, and what they started with.
There have been some real gems that pass through the activity stream and soon forgotten unless you have that series/movie/album. Also, there are some creations that you would never know weren't created instead of copied or rendered.

The idea here is to post a link of the original source/s, and a link to the fanart “PAGE” where the image resides on the site.
(ie..not linked directly to the image)
This should make it easier for people to vote, and have a look at the other art there.
List the software used, and a description as terse or elaborate as you like. I would also like to keep each post to a single piece of art.

This should give new and veteran users alike, a chance to discover or rediscover the awesome pieces of art this community has produced.

I’ll kick it off with something I did back when I was working on the letter G in my library. (The good ole days :P)

S/W: Gimp
Source: ... x-2476.jpg

I didn’t post this for effects or anything, but it was a horrible source and I loved the artwork.
Descreening/smoothing and lots of clone tool later, I was happy enough to upload it. Also wanted to show what could be done for those unfamiliar with the clone tool.
(Make sure to get a look at the source at 100%)
Looks best against black IMO.

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