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Re: What to look for in a new monitor?

PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2014 9:01 am
by leepenny
-re: balls of fury - hehe - had a look yesterday quickly via htpc on my tv (high contrast) and didnt (couldnt) see it - obviously when I'd have got round to opening it up in p/shop on my main pc I would've seen it as my color levels are set nicely now (when I first started doing discs I was a pretty new photoshopper and hadnt even calibrated by monitor) - I remember a disc being denied about 6 times for bits that werent correct == once my monitor was calibrated 'everything became clear'
re: Forbidden planet - I found an old poster and ran it through some filters and cleaned it up mostly and added flags and added logo behind 'robbie' - nothing fancy at all took about 30 mins to perfect it - nowhere near as complex as some of the layered discs I do - and thanks i'm glad you like it