Thank you!

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Thank you!

Post by wafwot »

I've been an XBMC user back when it was called XBOX Media Player and installed on my hacked Original XBOX. Last year I build a system specifically for the home theater, and with Frodo, started adding all the great artwork from to my collection.

Earlier this year, I decided I should give back to the community -- instead of just leaching artwork -- as a way to say "thanks." That's why I joined, and it's why I've spent so much time doing HD Clear Logos from the request queue.

However, I need to say thanks to specific people as well. Kode is the owner, founder, and HMFIC of Without his YEARS of hard work and dedication to the programming, hosting, money, and maintenance that goes into a site like this, wouldn't exist! Thank you for providing a place for us share our artwork, @kode. The time you sacrifice for this site is appreciated, whether or not it's ever said!

Akovia and ArieS are site administrators. They make sure things run smoothly as well as moderate artwork and provide help to the moderators. Their "job" here at is important, albeit thankless... so a big thank you goes to the tireless administrators!

Then there's the moderators of artwork. People like leepenny, Mordred, simche, jimmy, zorensen, and duskdweller (and the others before them) volunteer time from their personal lives to help build the community. Since strives to be the greatest fan art site with the best graphics around, the moderators have the thankless task of approving or denying EVERY SINGLE GRAPHIC that's uploaded to the site... and they do it with a smile and helpful tips to keep artists creating. Thank you for helping me when I first started out. I know I silently called you several vile things (things that would make a sailor blush) when image after image was denied for seemingly petty reasons. And your perseverance has paid off. :) Thank you.

Finally, there's the many regular users and artists like you (and me) that donate their creativity or time to help build's image library and online community. Thanks for all the great artwork that litters my hard drives and makes my media center prettier than anything Apple, Google, Amazon, Western Digital, Roku, or Boxee (now Samsung) could ever produce!

A special thanks goes to Schimi2k for his help when he was a moderator, and for dragging me further into the community. Vielen dank, du arschloch. :D (I kid!)
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Re: Thank you!

Post by schimi2k »

its all sayd !
i just can say the same ( even the arschloch part ^^ )
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Re: Thank you!

Post by akovia »

Your thanks is much appreciated wafwot.
The biggest joy for me in all of this, is users like yourself who are willing to stick it out long enough to really "get" what we are trying to achieve here. I especially enjoy being able to help out struggling artists who just need to learn the techniques to achieve their vision. When I get a message saying one of my videos really helped someone out, it truly makes it all worth it.

I struggled when I first joined as well and had more denials than I'd ever like to admit. It was the staff at the time who held my hand and helped me along until those pesky denials were a thing of the past. If you can learn to get out of your own way and are willing to take some advice, the possibilities are endless.

Welcome to the team :)

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Re: Thank you!

Post by vicmanpergar »

You summarize more or less what a lot of us think, wafwot.
Personally i thank u for ur time for both, write this, and add art for all of us.
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Re: Thank you!

Post by Kode »

Thanks for taking the time to write all that wafwot, it's always nice when people thank our admins and mods for the hard work they do, they don't get enough for all the crap they have to put up with.
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Re: Thank you!

Post by zorensen »

Thanks a lot, wafwot!

As mentioned earlier here, it's nice to get a big thanks every once in a while for the work everyone do at the site. I'm not just talking about the admins and moderators here, but all the users laying down countless hours of work for the community. We can all thank each other for keeping up and running, whatever part you have in making that happen.

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Re: Thank you!

Post by ArieS »

I thank you, I thank me :D
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Re: Thank you!

Post by Jammi3D »

+1 wafwot, agree with you.

At first you think the mods are a pain in the ass :lol: refusing artwork that you just spent some time on but you soon realise mods/admin do a cracking job and the artwork is top notch on this site ... by far the No1 site for fanart.

Great community too unlike some sites there are alot more than a handful of members uploading some great artwork making my XBMC look the king 8-)

Keep up the great work guys 8-)
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Re: Thank you!

Post by wildermike »

Love the fact that the art has to be so good to get approved.

Have to apologize for all the rejections I get but I understand why (even if I don't always agree). I respect their decisions and am very grateful for all the work the mods put in.

Most of the artwork I upload is to fill in gaps of missing sections, mainly Posters and Backgrounds. Just started on cdART and HD ClearLOGOs and have found lots of help from the mods and tutorials. Not found any other site with as much help as this one.

The site is the best around for artwork and I am happy to be a part of it.

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