A bit of gratitude..... please?

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A bit of gratitude..... please?

Post by HTPC »

Hello everyone,
I wasn't going to post this because I'm not usually bothered by how other people use websites.... to each his own as long as nobody suffers for it is my normal stance, but.......

I've noticed recently that a lot of images have been downloaded several times but have received zero thanks :(

You're probably thinking that I want gratitude for images I've uploaded. If you are you couldn't be more wrong.

I have no artistic abilities whatsoever. I'm also useless at using image editing software so I have never even tried to contribute to this site (apart from subscribing for VIP membership :)) so my reasons for this post are quite different.

People who do contribute images to this site do have lives, responsibilities and problems of their own. But they spend time and effort and offer their skills for nothing......how many people can you think of that would do that!!! And it's all to help you and your media look great and ask you for nothing in return. How brilliant is that!!!!!

I just searched for a logo that I needed.....


and noticed that this had been downloaded 83 times! But not one person had clicked on the "thumbs up" to say thanks.......... 83 TIMES!!!!!!! That's 83 of you who benefited from someone else's work but not one of those people could be bothered to say thanks :( and the thanks button is right there beside the download button!!

C'mon guys and girls, please start showing some appreciation x
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Re: A bit of gratitude..... please?

Post by vicmanpergar »

I understand what u're saying here, and agree on the general idea. But keep in mind the way voting works. A lot of the downloads are made probably automatically from Kodi or other software, through the Artwork Downloader, etc...., so the user does not even come to the site, actually. And this is the only way to vote, coming to the site and monitoring the images that are being uploaded. Many ppl might not even know the site or where these cool images come from.
I personally, get ur point, but after all, my reason to do this is just what it is, put my grain to complete material (in my language first, thats how it started, then in others), and i didn't expect even a Thanks.
I think the voting system has been discussed before. It's really difficult to make anyone come over to the site to watch images and vote, especially when they are sitting comfy in their sofas watching movies and the proccess is automate. Though I feel ur pain.
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Re: A bit of gratitude..... please?

Post by Hazmat »

Love the enthusiasm! I believe Kode mentioned one time that API downloads do not count on the site. So no downloads through Plex, Kodi, or Emby count towards the download count. However, directly coming onto the site and downloading does, and I believe via a google image search and saving it through there(meaning they never even come onto the site). Trying to get those people onto the site, them making an account, and then voting is tough. I do wish there was a way they could vote directly in Kodi/Plex/Emby. Voting in regards to the logo you are refferring too doesn't matter too much since only 1 logo exists(but I see your point and think it should've received a vote or two) and the end user has only 1 choice. I mainly think voting becomes an issue when certain uploaders post a far superior image, but it fails to overtake the top spot by a vote or two since it lacks votes altogether(or in some cases the top voted image has too many votes). I do care about the top voted image because that basically means that is what Fanart.tv believes is the best image of that type for that TV Show/Movie/Music which I don't believe is the case sometimes.

I typically view downloads of an image I uploaded as all the satisfaction and thanks I need. It puts a smile on my face to know that I have an image downloaded over 18,000 times regardless of the fact that the image has not received a single vote on this site. :)
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