How to Embed Artwork into MP3/MP4 Files

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How to Embed Artwork into MP3/MP4 Files

Post by megamaxx »

I like to view my movie collection as high quality movie posters. To do this you must first download a program called Mp3tag. You will then need to download some covers or posters. I prefer mine with just the title of the movie... no taglines, actors, ads, etc. You can also use the artwork for media players and movie/music collection software. Just follow the steps below to embed artwork into a movie, TV show, song or music video. This will only work for MP3 and MP4 files.

Step 1. Open Mp3tag
Step 2. Drag and drop the MP3 or MP4 file onto the right-hand side.
Step 3. Left click on the name of the file to select it.
Step 3. If you want to, you can update the metatag info, such as the title, year, etc. For movies I update the title with
just the name, year and quality. Example: Avatar (2009-720p)
Step 4. Drag and drop the artwork onto the empty box at the bottom left corner, or right click on the box to search for the artwork.
Step 5. Click on the little blue disk on the top left corner to save or click 'File' then 'Save Tag' and it usually takes a few moments
to update the file.

That's it. It's really quick and easy to do. I have converted my Blu ray and DVD collection into MP4 files and have a shortcut on my desktop to the hard drives I keep them on. I view the
images as extra large icons. It's like scrolling through Netflix. If anyone has other ideas or a different way to do this please let me know. :)
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Re: How to Embed Artwork into MP3/MP4 Files

Post by akovia »

Nice post megamaxx. :)
Thought I would list an alternative to any Linux users out there. I haven't messed with my music collection in a long time now, but I've always used Puddletag.

It was developed as an answer to MP3tag for Linux. It's certainly not identical, but the bulk of the features you find in MP3 can also be found in Puddletag. I've tried a lot of taggers in Linux before finding Puddletag and nothing else comes close. Follow the link above if you'd like to learn more. There have probably been changes since the last time I've used it so won't bother with a step by step, but I think you will find the procedure similar to MP3tag.

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Re: How to Embed Artwork into MP3/MP4 Files

Post by drewruiz »

I used neroaactag to add the back cover artwork in the file, then reviewed it in mp3tag.
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Re: How to Embed Artwork into MP3/MP4 Files

Post by RobertMiller »

It is best to use online converters. The fastest way, as for me :D .
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