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Re: need help new to fanart

PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 12:46 am
by Kode
I think even the manual option has the resuts cached

Re: need help new to fanart

PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 4:55 am
by old_school
ok thanks Kode will wait then for cache to expire

Re: need help new to fanart

PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 3:45 am
by old_school
Hi anyone know how long it takes for artwork downloader caches searches to expire on xbmc

Re: need help new to fanart

PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 2:43 pm
by Kode
Think it's 3 days or something, but if you look in the artwork downloader thread on the xbmc forums I'm sure it will be mentioned there somewhere

Re: need help new to fanart

PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 4:22 pm
by old_school
ok thanks Kode

Re: need help new to fanart

PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 6:07 pm
by Paszt

Re: need help new to fanart

PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2014 3:55 pm
by old_school
Hi Paszt thanks for the link will check it out i tryed useing artwork downloader today to see if it would download for me my missing cdart it download about 109 files am guessing my caches searches had expire but it did not download any of my missing cdart dont know why if it download 109 other artwork

missing album Info

PostPosted: Fri Jun 26, 2015 11:48 pm
by ezz9
I have a file of album cover that are not found on the website. Is there another way of adding missing albums to the database (like from wiki pages) or another website?

Re: need help new to fanart

PostPosted: Sat Jun 27, 2015 3:35 am
by ZincRider
Why not add the album to musicbrainz? I do it all the time.

Re: need help new to fanart

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:06 am
by ezz9
How to add missing albums to MusicBrainz when the album you're looking for is not there.

MusicBrainz. First you have to sign up with them, be logged in & keep a tab open for their page.
Then go to in another tab.
This is a shortcut list, it preloads the info. So you don’t have to waste time doing all that typing. :)

The only drag is some of the info always wrong. But it's an easy fix. Here is how.

The Release Group is always wrong, you need to find the right artist and their never on the list.
CLICK ON: “Release Group”, go to the bottom of the little window that opens up,
CLICK ON: “add new release group”. CLICK ON: Artist & add name.
CLICK ON: “Primary Type” & add what it is. “album, single or another”
You can “Add link” if you want, but it's not needed, it will not help you get the number for this website faster. I never do. Go to bottom of page & click submit.

Next CLICK ON: “tracklist” at the top of the page. Scroll down to the bottom right of that page and click guess case.
Go back to the top of page CLICK ON “edit note”

If you see “Some errors were detected in the data, blah blah blah” it's that the label info is wrong go back to Release Information “the first page” and leave the label info blank. This will happen about 10% of the time. 90% of the time it's all good and you can move on.

SO on the edit note, all looks great, go to the bottom of page and CLICK ON: “Enter edit”

You will then see “Awesome, thanks for adding new release as” Well that’s not the number you need, but it will take you to the page.
Click on: “the number”
Click on: ”see all versions of this release”
Click on: “Details” and there is the code you just made for the cover.
You got it! add it here on fanart and submit your cover. :)

There are 2 videos on u-tube. this is the first one. But he is a bit vague on what to do. I still recommend you watch it.

You can also use Picard But I refuse to because from what I understand it rewrites your tags first, then uploads the missing albums you have, that they don’t have. I don’t use it because I like my tags the way I did them and it will replace the covers with the crappy covers that they have Nooooooo!! You bastards. lol
Give it a try and if you find another way, please tell everyone & me, I would like to know.
Remember, Only The best!
Rock On!