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Why was my request denied?

PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2016 2:32 am
Hello lovely people :)

Please let me make it clear that I'm not complaining or throwing my toys out the pram, I'd just like to know what mistake I've made so I don't repeat it....

A few weeks ago I made a Season Poster request for "BBC Documentaries". I put a note in the comments box saying that I'd like season posters for all the seasons listed on TVDB. I also added that because it was such a big request I would happily donate £10 to this site if anyone filled it.
My request hasn't been listed so I'd like to ask what I did wrong... was it that I asked for more than one season poster in a single request or that I offered a bit of (what could look like) bribery ?

I love this site and always appreciate the hard work you all put in so don't want to repeatedly offend anyone, could someone let me know which rule I've broken please?

Many thanks in advance :)

Re: Why was my request denied?

PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2016 4:11 am
by Esky

has your request disappeared, or did it just never appear on the request queue? I dont ever remember seeing a request like that.

Basically you haven't done anything wrong, requests are not 'pre-validated', so I suspect the request just never got raised properly.

I would suggest raising it again - BUT ... bear in mind all requests are filled by other members, so while a donation offer to the site is generous, it may not be of much incentive to the vast majority, especially if you did not provide any source material.

Have you considered having a go yourself? There is a nice logo by davidtwells, so all you need to do is download GIMP (for free) and either choose a base image to use as a template for all seasons, or preferably spend a bit of time googling for images relevant to each year of the series (which you may be more familiar with if you have them on your media centre).

There are various GIMP tutorials on the site, and then there's also youtube :D

If you need some one on one advice on getting started you can look for me on IRC chat (just click the link and enter a nickname to get going) my name on there is Esky007 (If I show as logged on but don't answer it's because I leave myself logged in most of the time)



Re: Why was my request denied?

PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2016 2:23 pm
Hi Esky, thank you for your kind and generous offer to help me.... really appreciated!
I am a complete moron when it comes to image editing software...... that's why I appreciate this site so much. My media centre would look a total mess without all of you :)
But you are right, I should try doing something for myself rather than making such a huge request. I'll give it a try..... see you in a few years, haha.
Thanks again for your advice, have a great weekend :)