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Various Artists Workaround

PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 7:15 pm
by McVicar
As you may know, you can not currently upload images directly under Various Artist because simply the database is overloaded. Leepenny and I have created a workaound which allows to move the pictures into this category.

As usual, you approve the pictures free (or not "LOL") in the comentar is then something like "please move to 28d9dcd1-f07b-3449-a4b1-bcea335001f4, thx" when the pictures are approved go straight to "Manage Image "where you can either get to Cdart or album cover.
The pictures you just approved are listed as first.
As shown in the picture, simply perform these steps, e voila and the pictures are in the right artist.

If you have own pictures for Various Artists then there is a second where there are no pictures. Just select one and upload. ... s-artists/