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No wonder this site has so many missing images

Discussions about moderation. Unsure if an image will pass moderation? Ask here. Image has been denied and want some pointers on how to fix the image? Ask here.

No wonder this site has so many missing images

Postby tccalvin » Mon Jul 10, 2017 6:41 am

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Re: No wonder this site has so many missing images

Postby leepenny » Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:55 pm

tccalvin - have you contacted the moderator who denied the emmerdale logo ? - letting him know that it is part of the official logo with the links you have here - If you haven't then I would suggest you do so.
As for the poster - we do not accept posters with taglines anymore - if you look at how long those images have been on site you will see that most have been here for 3 years, which was before the rules were updated - these images are grandfathered, that is, they can remain on site as they were within the rules at the time of uploading and will not be deleted.

Have a quick look here to familiarize yourself with the rules it may save any confusion in the future :)

And always attempt to set up a dialogue first with the moderator if you feel your denial is incorrect. Remember mods do this for free and are sometimes even human (!) so mistakes can (and on odd occasions do) happen. And finally please do try to be respectful to the mods and other users of the site (re- title of thread) - I can understand some frustration but threads or posts just to vent won't get you anywhere - take a breath - contact the mod who denied your logo and be civil :)
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Re: No wonder this site has so many missing images

Postby simche » Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:25 pm

Like I said for the posters… Rules are the rules… and for the logo I told you to re-upload it because the current version of the logo is with a box…The TV-show (soap) “Emmerdale” is going on from year 1972 (lol the year of my birth) and had several logo changes ( to be exact four (4))…So I apologize for my mistake…I’m not Google…but with help of Google…everything fits in his place…Cheers…
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