Can't get PNG below the 1MB limit?

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Can't get PNG below the 1MB limit?

Post by Hercules »

Hi all,

I have been recently making CDART. I have been running into the 1MB limit occasionally but found on the web that the "posterize" option can help reduce the file sizes and to date this has been fine.

However, I now have a CD that is coming in at around 1.25MB and I cannot get the posterize value low enough without it looking terrible. I also tried the DITHER option but that also looks poor.

Any idea how I can get the file size down and still get a CDART image that will be acceptable? Is there scope to exceed the 1MB limit in these cases?

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Re: Can't get PNG below the 1MB limit?

Post by akovia »

I know it's a late reply, but if you haven't fixed the problem yet, have a look here.

If that doesn't help, just reply and I'll see if I can help.
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