New rule regarding Backgrounds for Movie & TV Sections

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New rule regarding Backgrounds for Movie & TV Sections

Post by ArieS »

Starting today, we are implementing a new rule for Backgrounds in the Movie and the TV sections.

Screengrabs/Screenshots/Still or however you want to call it is now limited to 2 per user, for the Movie Section and 4 per user, for the TV Section.

Most of these are taken from tmdb or tvdb anyway, so there's no reason to have the same images here.

Wallpapers have no limit, however.

There's no way to implement a way to set an upload limit so we are asking you to respect the per user/limit. The moderators will notify uploaders for first time offense but multiple offenses won't be tolerated.
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Re: New rule regarding Backgrounds for Movie & TV Sections

Post by zorensen »

We will implement this in the Music Section as well.

Screengrabs from music videos are not allowed as artist backgrounds or artist thumbs. Way too often these images has been grabbed from YouTube and have a lot of compression artifacts. From now on, no screengrabs are allowed in the music section.
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