Notes for 2016-05-14 Meeting

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Notes for 2016-05-14 Meeting

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Meeting Synopsis:
Duration: 4 hours
Admins in attendance: Kode, ArieS, Akovia, jacktyler
Moderators in attendance: leepenny, Mordred, ezz9, Esky007, Wildermike, ProRipp
Moderators not in attendance: shevman, hslansky, zorensen
Moderators removed for non attendance: duskdweller, wafwot, varra10, barney-stinsen, simche, jimmy, martijn

  1. Moderators will make a concerted effort to join the IRC channel when moderating (it is as simple as having open in another tab). This is so mods can communicate more effectively and get second opinions
  2. On the current site standards are raised for mods that have been lax, small imperfections should be denied, not just let through, this will be re-evaluated when the new site goes live, and every mod should be working to the same standards.
  3. No new image types or sections until the new site goes live, after which we will discuss adding them.
  4. Stickers and PMRC should be removed unless they are explicitly part of the artwork (or the image is denied)
  5. Kode will add a link to the copyright rules on the upload image page.
  6. We will try to hold fortnightly meetings
In addition we discussed new features for the new site such as probation and quality score, lack of moderators, creating a moderator test, SVG logos for new site, duplicate entries in the database, hanging out in #metabrainz to see how they conduct meetings, eurovision

Final takeaway:
Someone else needs to write up these minutes :P

Full details: ... sp=sharing
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