Creating a lot of Images

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Creating a lot of Images

Post by mediacentral »

Hi all, hopefully I'm posting this in the right section.

Over the next few months I will be creating images for my 'large' collection of movies. I am hoping to have each of the different image types i.e. Poster, Backgrounds(Fanart in xbmc), Clearart, Clearlogo, Banner, Diskart and Thumb for each movie.

That said, there is little source material for many movies in my collection. And due to the size of the collection, I won't be spending the amount of time these types of art need for the quality guidelines of Fanart.TV. (not on my first go-around at least). So the images I will be creating will likely fail the moderators' quality check for new material.

My goal at this point is not to have perfect pristine art for each movie, it is simply to not have any image gaps when browsing in xbmc. Once I have that goal completed, I will go back and attempt to clean the images up to the best quality possible.

Finally, my question is should I upload each of the images as I complete them on my first draft? Or will this simply annoy the moderators because I am continually uploading rejected material? I would love to contribute to the collection here on Fanart.TV, however I don't want to be an annoyance.

Any opinions on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Creating a lot of Images

Post by tHappy.fanart »

Hey there! follows a strict rule of

“No Image is Better Than a Low Quality Image"

You also might wanna browse the forums and read these
Why your art may be denied
Unwritten Rules Revealed
You might also wanna take a look at this, Denied Images, and avoid doing some common mistakes. Everything is written in detail, like why a certain image was blocked and what you could do so that it gets approved.
I'd also suggest that you share a couple of your best and worst artworks here in this forum (don't upload them), Someone will have a look at them and decide if its good to go or not.
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Re: Creating a lot of Images

Post by leepenny »

If you think that mods will deny it then I wouldn't upload them - you can always get feedback for 'difficult' images here on the forums -and even get help finding better images for your problematic movies - i.e ones without great sources. As tHappy said we do prefer only the best images here and would rather have no image than something sub par - to reiterate - any help you need can always be found here by like minded members/mods - whether it be help with the artwork OR even finding artwork - maybe as well as posting creations here you can also request images - which is the way to go if you'd rather have someone else 'share the workload'
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Re: Creating a lot of Images

Post by jacktyler »

Some spam-bot just posted some wibble to this thread so I deleted that reply, but it brought this thread to the top of the pile, which is no bad thing.
We mods are quite approachable and love to get tentative private messages from potential uploaders, so drop one of us a message, because we're actually very friendly and happy to help :)
Oh, and the spam-bot was correct by the way, Pigs CAN fly and the Earth IS flat!
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