ID seems wrong

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Re: ID seems wrong

Post by jerren »

"the crew" movie from 2008 has a poster image for the movie from 2000

the crew 2000
themoviedb id: 19150
imdb id: tt0198386

the crew 2008
themoviedb id: 14575
imdb id: tt1071880
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Re: ID seems wrong

Post by leepenny »

Image moved to correct movie - many thanks :)
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Re: ID seems wrong

Post by Esky »

Not sure what your issue is here but the fanart page

looks fine to me, based on it's corresponding page at thetvdb.

www thetvdb com/index.php?tab=series&id=281535

For info .. fanart's tvseries pages correspond to those on www thetvdb com - so for the above series, 281535 is the number to use in both web addresses.

For movies, the pages correspond to those on www themoviedb org - so again, use the same page number in both sites.

Do not mix and match - do not look for tv series on themoviedb !

Also, there is no direct link between fanart and IMDB pages.

Hope this helps.
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