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Re: Media Browser Fanart

Post by akovia »

Hope this is what you were thinking of Cheesegeezer. Let me know if you had something else in mind.
Still waiting to see your next MB3 Blog Post :D
leepenny wrote:the oracle of fanart @Akovia - I'd keep that name mate
Not sure I deserve such a weighty title, but we already have a ninja. (ArieS)
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Re: Media Browser Fanart

Post by Cheesegeezer »

Akovia - Spot on fella. I've asked our admin to pin it to our fanart section.

Sorry for my lack of blogging, I've been working overseas in Azerbaijin for last month and just got home. So time has been fairly limited on the ole dev front, but i will certainly be piecing together the next chapter over the next week or so.

Cheers and thanks for posting :D
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