Separate sections for albums & singles/EP's ?

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Separate sections for albums & singles/EP's ?

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I was wondering if it would be possible on the new site to have separate sections for albums (studio, live and compilations) and singles/EP's ?
At the moment when we want to upload music covers all releases by an artist are listed in 1 big list (albums & singles included)
It can be a bit confusing picking the right entry of the list when you want to upload a new cover to the site.
That's especially confusing when the title track of an album is also released as a single.

For example : No More Tears by Ozzy Osbourne

This is released as an album (Music Brainz ID : 1df6ebdf-8d54-31a6-9bf8-13737493f386) ... 697c09.jpg

The title track of that album is also released as a single (Music Brainz ID : 75149b05-70d1-4f51-9028-9e23c64a110a) ... 34d8a4.jpg

Currently there are two covers in the database (one of them needs replacement).
Both these covers are uploaded under the No More Tears "album" version.
The cover that needs replacement is NOT a cover of the full album however, but a cover of No More Tears- single

I think that a lot of people when uploading covers just look if the title is listed and not so much also check if the corresponding Music ID number is correct.
I think that this could lead to a contamination of the fanart-database in time with a lot of incorrect entries.
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Re: Separate sections for albums & singles/EP's ?

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good idea
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