How to request a new image type/section

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How to request a new image type/section

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We frequently get requests to support new types of images and new media sections.
This guide is aimed at how to go about doing this properly, as well as tips on how to increase your chance for success.

Supporting new image type or media section is not a trivial matter and thus has some requirements that need to be met.
  1. 1.For a new media section we need to be able to link to an existing Database so we can properly identify a show/movie/album/game etc..
    We do not maintain our own database and only link to existing ones. This means that if there isn't an existing database we can link to via API, then there is no way we can support it.
  • 2. Opening a new image type/media section will need to be supported by both the fanart community and skin developers.
  • 3. There must be a prior commitment from fanart contributors to supply a minimum of 500 pieces of art.
    This can be achieved by small commitments from many people to reach the target goal of 500.

As you can see, there will be a lot involved to support a new image type/media section. One thing that we've found from experience is if there really is a need and the community wants it, they will speak up and it will get done.
Some ways you can help this along might seem obvious, but I'll list a few here for the uninitiated.
  1. 1. Get support from the skin developer community.
    This means soliciting support from the most commonly used media center skin developers to gauge interest. If it's a good idea, it will sell itself. XBMC is by far the main user of our images so it would be a good idea to start there. You can look at the other big hitters in our blog post showing the top 10 API users of 2013.
  • 2. Get support from the fanart community.
    Start a thread here explaining exactly what you envision and how it can be supported and used in media centers. If it's a good idea, it should be no problem getting contributors to give a commitment of a certain number of images to help meet the 500 image quota.
  • 3. Expand the net for your cause.
    Try also posting in the main forums and blogs of popular media centers to get the word out. Developers (and us as well) will respond to the community if the interest is there. Try to get others to join the discussion and show their support.
If you follow these guidelines you should get a good idea whether this is something the community really wants.
If it is, then we will be happy to support it.
If not, maybe it's just an idea that needs more time or just doesn't have an audience wide enough to support it. Either way, once you've laid the groundwork, it can always be re-visited.