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Offer the ability for DMCA take downs.. that is ALL you are required to do after posting all your disclaimers and putting the uploading on the members. But seriously, give me a break, if I google to find images I am NOT going to try to track down through 50 various hops .. to find the original copyright holder in order to get permission to edit some post or image that became part of the public pop culture awareness as soon as it was posted to the WORLD WIDE WEB and seen by the globe's population in a heartbeat knowing it will forever remain available ON the same world wide web almost forever. So.. am I gonna ask permission or ask for forgiveness later? If you agree to remove something, that is almost always enough to make amends. And please.. don't forget fair use as long as you are not using an entire work, talk to a lawyer and iron this stuff out, don't put it all on the contributors.
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Re: Copyright information

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at this time until the new site is implemented you are going to have to stick to the rules - It's not too demanding to do a little homework before posting background images in the music section. We prefer it this way as it covers the site from any legal action from disgruntled photographers/studios - better to do it this way in the interim rather than lose the site due to legal issues.............
As you quoted ' if I google to find images I am NOT going to try to track down through 50 various hoops' , then don't - we are not forcing anyone to upload images at gunpoint - the choice is yours - although if you upload any backgrounds in the music section without any relevant information in the comments section it will be denied straight away - which would be a waste of time and also a loss to the site of good artwork.
So either wait until the new site is up and running (which may be a while longer) OR try to jump through one or two hoops for the meantime to follow the rules and help us out.
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Re: Copyright information

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What if the image someone wants to upload is A custom wallpaper, made by them?

What happens then (cause' obviously the copyright information would relate to them cause' they made it)?

Do they have to provide the link & the copyright info to the original unaltered image (if there is one)? ie: The link to the unaltered image that they cut the main part of their wallpaper out from.

Or are custom wallpapers (or as they are called on this site, backgrounds) not allowed?
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