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Who to contact to ask to "set English title" for an artist?

Who to contact to ask to "set English title" for an artist?

Postby Cygnus Magistrate » Fri May 22, 2020 7:05 pm


Having previously scanned and uploaded an album cover for them, and it then being a new artist I had to add, I never came across this issue until now.

Bulgarian band Hades. They're listed on Musicbrainz (ID 33f540f4-27a1-4eb5-97a3-0737181631ef) with their name in Cyrillic, Хадес, so apparently it got added to Fanart like that as well. Seems the only way to reach their page is by inputting their MBID in the artists search results page's add artist field, since the site's search doesn't understand cyrillic, just giving an error saying "Please use a term with 2 or more characters", and searching with "Hades" it naturally doesn't come up.

The URL seems to suggest some action would be required: ... title-set/

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